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Every man deserves to look like the man who can. That’s why our exclusive recipes include organic waxes, essential oils and vitamins, and are made from trusted, natural ingredients for their healthful and beautifying properties. Best of all, there are absolutely no industrial byproducts used in our male grooming line.

Urban Beard Now Available In Men Essentials On The DanForth!

Men Essentials On The Danforth

Men Essentials On The Danforth

Our Urban Beard product line is now available in Men Essentials on the Danforth. You’ve never seen a store like MenEssentials and if you’re into men’s grooming it’s nirvana! MenEssentials is the first and only brick-and-mortar retailer in Toronto to specialize only in Men’s Grooming products. It's located around the corner from Chester subway station.

The Urban Beard team are continuously working to make our product line available in retail stores near you. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for there support so far, its been amazing. We will continue working hard to bring you the best organic and vegan friendly beard care products in Canada.

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