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10 Best Beards in Geek Culture

Throughout history, beards have been markers of wealth, age, masculinity, and fashion; signifiers to characterize a person at first glance. And since Toronto’s Comic Convention is just around the corner, we can’t forget how beards play a part in good and evil. Comic-Con celebrates geek culture in a world where the ‘geek’ is often overlooked. The culture itself is as varied as the human race, celebrating genres like sci-fi, fantasy, medieval, mythical literature and comics that incorporate all of the above. If you’re headed to Comic-con this year and you’ve got yourself a beard - why not let it take front and centre?

Urban Beard has put together a list of the ten best beards in geek culture for your inspiration.

3.  Saruman

Have a better prospect to add? Leave a comment below. We’ll see if it measures up.

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