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Every man deserves to look like the man who can. That’s why our exclusive recipes include organic waxes, essential oils and vitamins, and are made from trusted, natural ingredients for their healthful and beautifying properties. Best of all, there are absolutely no industrial byproducts used in our male grooming line.

10 Unique Gifts for Dad

Everyone gets the same old crap for dad every year: underwear, socks and a book he’ll never read. Step it up a notch with something unique for father’s day. Here are Urban Beard’s 10 most unique gifts for the Dad in your life:

1. Huckberry Ridge Wallet: Practical, minimal and tech-savvy - does this sound like the Dad in your life? This sleek aluminum wallet is simple, efficient and includes RFID protection.


2. Okay so this might be a bit out there, but if your Dad is too - this might be the perfect match. Ostrich Pillows are designed for napping anywhere. Whether it’s a ten-minute doze at the office or a full out plane hibernation, this is the best napping pillow on the planet.


3. Mesh Grill Bags: For the grill master: no veggie left behind. Bring adventure to your barbecue with these unique, fire-safe mesh bags designed to keep more food on the grill, and less inside it. It’s also perfect for tofu, kebabs and veggie slices.


4. The ultimate gift for the bearded man in your life: the Man Pack. Not sure if he needs oil, wax or something in between? The Man Pack covers all your bases.  Includes beard oil, moustache wax, shampoo bar and cleansing conditioner.


5. Because dad humor is real, check out the testicle tea bag to pair a nice cup of tea with a ton of laughs.


6. What better gift than a timeless toy? Because who isn’t a secret nerd …. pick up a pair of actual light sabers for you and Dad.


7. And speaking of Star Wars, in honour of Chewbacca’s passing on May 3rd, get a couple of cozies and share a toast in his name.


8. Is the Dad in your life one of those bottomless coffee drinkers? Well, cut his trips to the lunchroom in half with this coffee mug warmer, that plugs directly into his computer keeping his coffee hot and toasty.


9. Looking for something small? Urban Beard’s best selling Beard Oil has been a customer favourite since we first launched. Perfect for the low-maintenance dad.


10. Forget the hail mary, got in for a touchdown with a levitating helmet. Pick your Dad’s favourite sports team and let electromagnetics do the rest.


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