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Every man deserves to look like the man who can. That’s why our exclusive recipes include organic waxes, essential oils and vitamins, and are made from trusted, natural ingredients for their healthful and beautifying properties. Best of all, there are absolutely no industrial byproducts used in our male grooming line.

Self-Care for the Urban Man

When you think about “self-care,” a woman lighting candles, filling a bath with bubbles and taking selfies might come to mind. And hey, if you like that too you do you brother - but for a lot of us, that’s not what we need to take care of ourselves.

Honestly, a lot of men don’t. We don’t take the time to reflect on our feelings. Not all of us prioritize working out. Most of us don’t eat clean, healthy food. And practically all of us don’t know where to start.

So here are four ways we can exercise self-care:

1. Learn your Burnout Signs

Burnout signs look like an inability to recharge. Sometimes you get home and you’re too tired to really form more than three sentences - and you have too many things to do to even take thirty minutes and recharge before stepping up to the rest of your life. This is a dangerous level of stress. Seriously, stop what you’re doing before you have a breakdown.

2. Find a Passion (or reignite an old one)

Have you ever heard of eustress? Eustress is beneficial stress. Like things that challenge you - training for a marathon, working towards a promotion, moving in with your girlfriend - things that should be exciting but a little stressful. Eustress helps us move forward in life. Combining passion with that drive can be very beneficial for your body, mind, and spirit. What used to make you alive? Do some of that.

3. Take Time

For some of us, that’s alone time, and other’s it’s spending time with friends. In the crazy world we live in now, we can get caught in a state of manic everything. Some of us spend every evening over drinks with friends and never take any time on our own. Others stay at home and never go out. Do the thing your mind tells you that you need.  Hang out with your kids - or take a break and do you.

4. Treat Yourself

We don’t mean Ben & Jerrys. When was the last time you gave yourself a proper head-to-chin cleanup? You don’t even need to visit the barber. Our Essentials Kit is actually on sale in honour of World Health Day. It includes Beard Butter, Beard Oil, Shampoo Bar, Conditioning Oil, Moustache Wax, a Beard Comb and Scissors.


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